Bank Customer Stops Robbery By Giving The Suspect A Hug

A brave bank customer is being hailed a hero after de-escalating a would-be bank robbery.

The Woodland Police Department shared on Facebook that 43-year-old Eduardo Plasencia entered Bank of the West in Woodland, California and attempted a robbery.

According to the Facebook post, the man held his shirt over part of his face while he slid the teller a note that said he was robbing the bank and he was armed.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Eduardo’s former neighbor, 69-year-old Michael Armus, was also at the bank during the attempted robbery and he seemed to realize that something was going on.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

Armus shared with ABC 7 Chicago that Eduardo was friends with his daughter and they’d always been on friendly terms. He thought the man might be going through a lot or that he might feel desperate, so he decided to intervene and help Eduardo.

Armus began talking to him and suggested they walk outside and talk. The two exited the bank and Armus gave Eduardo a hug before the cops arrived and arrested Eduardo, who was not armed as he claimed, for attempted robbery.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

It may not be a happy ending for Eduardo, who possibly needs mental health resources or other help, but Armus is being hailed a hero for helping de-escalate the situation.

Check out the video below:

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