Faithful Australian Shepherd Warns Mom When She’s About To Faint

Having a medical condition that causes random bouts of fainting can be scary. If you don’t catch the feeling you’re going to faint soon enough, you could fall and really hurt yourself.

That’s a reality that a woman named Katie lives with since she suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which can cause anxiety-like symptoms, lightheadedness, and fainting.

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and thankfully, she’s not alone. She has her faithful 4-year-old Australian Shepherd named Bailey, who happens to be trained in POTS response and alert.

Bailey has her own Instagram account where you can see her impressive training and response to POTS symptoms.

In one video, Katie is vacuuming the carpet when Bailey runs up and jumps on Katie to alert her that she should sit down.

Photo: Instagram/@serviceaussiebailey

Katie shared in the caption that she “often” gets tired doing cleaning or other chores and the activities can cause her to get dizzy or faint. She said:

“[It’s] incredibly frustrating because it takes me significantly longer to complete the tasks. I have to constantly sit down in order to not faint. I live alone and have pets, I have no choice but to clean. Bailey helps warn me prior to fainting, which I am incredibly grateful for.”

Photo: Instagram/@serviceaussiebailey

After Katie sits down, Bailey fetches her a water bottle, along with her cellphone. What a good boy!

You can see the dog in action for yourself in the video below:

Katie struggles with day-to-day tasks and Bailey is not only there to provide her with water and a reminder to rest, but also with comfort and emotional support.

Check out more of her videos below:

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