Become a More Efficient Housekeeper by Dropping These Cleaning Habits

Are you cleaning your home the right way?

Most of us think so. We know how to scrub toilets, remove molds, eliminate pet dander, and disinfect doorknobs which became as crucial as handwashing and mask-wearing during the pandemic.

Yes, there is so much we have learned about cleanliness and proper hygiene due to the fear of Covid-19. Surely, with all the cleaning and disinfecting we’ve been doing for three years, we are no longer missing anything.

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Or are we? Could we still be missing something?

Well, proper housekeeping is not just about cleaning all household appliances and spaces. It’s about cleaning the right way.

We have nothing to lose but more to gain if we learn more techniques that we have not tried before. Here are things many housekeepers have been doing the wrong way from Reader’s Digest:

  1. Using soap to clean a cutting board. Cutting boards must be properly sterilized in order to prevent dangerous contamination by bacteria or viruses, especially when you use them for cutting meat. This can be done by soaking the cutting board in bleach after each use, instead of washing it with soap.
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  3. Using a dry rag to wipe dusty surfaces. You should avoid using a duster or a dry rag in removing dust from furniture and other surfaces. These do not eliminate the dust but simply spread it into the air. Use a wet rag when cleaning dusty surfaces, nooks, and corners that your vacuum cannot reach.
  4. Not washing dirty pillows. Your pillows need washing, too, not just pillowcases. They accumulate body oils, bacteria, and dust mites. Put them in the washing machine every three to six months.
  5. Cleaning stainless steel appliances in circular strokes. This is the wrong way to do it, it just makes the appliance dull, aside from being easily smudged. What you should do first is find the grain of the stainless steel and follow its direction when wiping or cleaning.
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  7. Remotes and switches are often forgotten in the cleaning routine. These are small objects that can be easily overlooked, and yet, just like the doorknobs, our hands are in constant contact with them. These devices easily become hiding places for bacteria and viruses that we cough or sneeze into our hands. Don’t forget to spray these gadgets with a disinfectant and wipe with bleach solution in those hard-to-reach corners.
  8. Washing glass windows on a sunny day leaves you with dull windows no matter how many times you wipe them. This is because direct sunlight dries up glass cleaning solution quickly. Do this chore when the sky is overcast and the temperature is below 70 degrees.
  9. Forgetting to clean up the washing machine. Yes, this appliance needs care, too, which includes regular cleaning. When your clothes no longer smell fresh after washing, it’s time for you to clean the machine by turning its setting to the hottest and mixing the water with vinegar. This will restore your washing machine’s efficiency.
  10. Cleaning wooden floors with too much water. This is a big no-no since water can damage wood, especially because it can leak into scratches and gouges. Use water sparingly on this kind of material.”
  11. Photo: YouTube/Mom N Me
  12. Overlooking the air ducts. These air ducts should be cleaned at least once a year since they accumulate dust, debris, mites, and biological contaminants that can cause diseases. What’s more, the blockade increases the risk of a home fire.
  13. Skipping the light bulbs in the household clean-up. Bulbs tend to gather dust, too, over time. To restore efficient lighting and prevent your bulbs from becoming fire hazards, check them for dust accumulation and clean them as often as necessary.

Now, you must be feeling better with the new things you’ve learned about efficient housekeeping. No matter what’s the season and no matter what challenges are lying ahead, we know that we are more fully prepared to overcome them.

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