“Grumpy” Rescue Dog Becomes Viral Sensation With Funny Facial Expressions

Animals can have their own set of expressions – dogs especially. Where else would the inspiration for the puppy dog expression come from?

Those big brown eyes can definitely convey so many emotions. But there is one dog that has taken over the internet with his expressiveness. In fact, his facial features and expressions have been compared to many celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Buscemi, Mark Hamill, and others.

The new famous pooch is none other than Bacon, who is also lovingly known as The Baconater.

Bacon might be living his best life in Tampa, Florida as an internet sensation, but his life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, he was living rough on the streets as a stray before getting picked up by animal control, according to People.

Things weren’t looking good for Bacon, as he was scheduled for euthanasia. Luckily for him, the Guardian Angel Dog Rescue saved him just in the nick of time.

He got adopted but was ultimately returned. That happened once more before he met Meg. She instantly fell in love with the rescued mutt, so she took him home.

As she has said according to People, “Third time was the charm.”

Meg was quite taken by her new friend’s expressive face, she she decided to make him his own Instagram account in order to show him off to the internet, and he made quite the impression.

She shared with People, “People love to say that he looks like different celebrities. My personal favorite comparisons are: Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy, Mark Hamill and Peter Dinklage. I would say the best part is how much he makes people laugh. To think a little abandoned meanie like him has made so many people smile is amazing.”

What do you think of Bacon’s expression? Are you following his Instagram account? Let us know!

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