Pit Bull BFFs Saved From Chinese Meat Trade Find A Loving Home In The U.S.

13 dogs got a lucky break after being rescued from a meat farm by Harbin SHS Animal Rescue. Two of those dogs, Toad and Backpack, ended up finding a loving home together, just like they deserved.

Harbin SHS Animal Rescue shared about the rescue on Facebook, explaining that they received a call regarding a dog breeding farm in Harbin, China.

After investigating, they learned that the owner of the dogs had abandoned the farm, leaving the animals without food, water, or care for nearly a week.

Photo: Facebook/Harbin SHS Animal Rescue Before and Afters

The property owner was going to sell the dogs to the meat market but allowed the animal rescuers to buy them instead. The rescuers were told there were 12 dogs on the property, but they ended up finding a 13th dog: a tiny pit bull pup in critical condition, Backpack.

Backpack was emaciated and her uterus was hanging outside of her body. The rescuers rushed to get her the emergency care she needed.

The vets determined that Backpack had suffered human abuse that put her into such a terrible condition – she needed extensive surgery to fix her uterus and keep her alive.

Photo: Facebook/Harbin SHS Animal Rescue Before and Afters

While the vets worked on saving Backpack, the rescuers were able to load up the other 12 dogs and get them to the veterinary clinic for care as well. Thankfully, none of the other dogs were suffering from illness or injury. Some had minor skin conditions and they were all hungry and dehydrated, but nothing a little TLC couldn’t fix.

After they were all medically cleared, the dogs were taken to the rescue’s Safehouse to await their forever homes. That’s where the rescuers realized how close Backpack was to another pit bull from the farm, Toad.

Photo: Facebook/Harbin SHS Animal Rescue Before and Afters

Backpack and Toad were inseparable. It was clear they were bonded and the rescuers didn’t want them to be separated. The dogs waited for 9 long months before February of 2019 rolled around.

It was that month that Backpack and Toad got the chance to fly to Los Angeles where Road Dogs Rescue could help find them forever homes.

In the end, Backpack and Toad ended up going home with an awesome dad from Seattle, Washington. Toad immediately fell in love with their new dad, while Backpack took a little bit of time to warm up to him.

With Toad’s help and reassurance though, it wasn’t long before both dogs were getting comfortable in their new life and learning to be dogs again. They got to play, run, and make friends with other dogs!

You can see more of their rescue and story in the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

It’s been over three years now since Backpack and Toad found their forever home, and things couldn’t be any better for them.

They live with a great dad who loves them, showers them with attention, and keeps their health in check. Check out the photos below to see a peek into their new life:

You can keep up with Toad and Backpack on Instagram, @toad_n_backpack.

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