Couple Expects Egg Donor to Babysit Their Child for Free

Couples who cannot procreate on their own are given a chance through various procedures. It’s beautiful that their dream of building a family won’t be crushed, and they can do it through adoption, surrogacy, or egg, embryo, and sperm donation. Whoever the couple chooses to fulfill the role of surrogate mother or donor must be genuinely willing to do it.

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Building a friendly relationship with everyone involved in the procedure is essential. People must be nice to each other — the child must not be exposed to negativity, especially when they are already developed. However, circumstances such as parental choices and guardian rights sometimes arise. For instance, this woman from Reddit had issues with the couple to whom she donated her eggs. According to CurrentMaize07, the couple were her friends, and they were all excited about the journey they were about to take together…until they did.

“Back then, they used to say how I’ll be the coolest godmother/aunt to the baby, and we’ll be a big happy family, etc. Fast forward to when the baby was born, I only found out through social media posts, and when I congratulated them, they hesitantly said since I’m the biological mother of the baby, my meeting the said baby might hamper their bonding as a parental figure,” she shared. The couple even suggested that she could meet the child once he turns two years old. CurrentMaize07 respected their decision since it was legally their child, although she was understandably confused.

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Sadly, things went even more questionable when the kid’s parents asked her to distance herself from their child. It was due to the reason that she and the kid were having a bonding moment at his second birthday party. Again, she did what she was asked out of respect for her friends since they are his parents. It seems like CurrentMaize07 was beginning to be a threat in the couple’s eyes, but something happened that made the situation more problematic.

After asking her to keep some distance, the couple requested another favor — she had to babysit the child while they were away. Apparently, there was a family emergency, and they’d be gone for two days. Currentmaze07 agreed and informed them about her babysitting rates. The couple wasn’t happy about the rates, and one of them even complained about it on social media. They pointed out that the child was biologically hers, and it’s supposed to be parenting and not babysitting, so she shouldn’t charge.

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“As a friend, I would’ve agreed, but since they never let me interact with the baby and acted weird, I said I will charge them,” Currentmaze07 explained. Obviously, the situation could’ve been handled well if the couple weren’t so threatened by the egg donor’s existence in their son’s life — especially when she’s their friend. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way.

People on Reddit shared the same sentiment and gave supportive, lengthy comments to the woman. They also pointed out that true friends won’t deliberately exclude you due to insecurity and then include you when it’s convenient for them.

Reddit users also suggested that she should distance herself from all of them. Their friendship became too toxic since the couple showed their true selves. It was downright gaslighting, and no one deserves to be surrounded by those kinds of people. With how alarming CurrentMaize07’s situation was, her Reddit post accumulated 1.5k comments. And all those comments were against the couple, angrily expressing their take on the problem.

The AITA section of Reddit has been a helpful platform for people who experience problematic situations and are gaslighted for their actions. People like CurrentMaize07 need to be validated and shown support. You can also express your sentiments about the issue on Reddit. Read more about other people’s comments; you might find yourself completely engaged in a long thread of replies.

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