Good Samaritans Spend Hours Keeping Baby Whale Alive After It Became Stranded On A Beach In Brasil

A 32ft-long baby whale was gifted a second chance at life thanks to Good Samaritans on a popular beach in Brasil.

The whale ended up beached on the world-famous Praia da Marina beach in Búzios, Brazil. Thankfully, some passersby spotted the whale and alerted authorities.

Photo: YouTube/viduda videos

Before authorities arrived to help, people on the beach jumped in to save the whale from a slow and painful death. According to the Indian Express, the baby whale was stranded for over 24 hours before rescuers finally set him free.

Whenever the tide went out, dozens of people worked hard to keep the whale wet by dumping buckets of water on its skin. Others worked to dig a channel to the ocean using shovels so the incoming tide could help free the baby whale.

Photo: YouTube/viduda videos

Eventually, officials dispatched a backhoe excavator to help dig the channel.

After hours and hours, rescuers were able to use the incoming tide and some heavy-duty equipment to get the whale back where it belongs: the ocean.

Photo: YouTube/viduda videos

As the whale swam out to see, the paused and lifted its fins and tail as if to say, “thank you,” to the people who helped free him.

You can watch the touching moment in the Facebook video shared by Folha de Búzios:

Dozens of people watched and cheered from the water as the whale swam off to sea. Check out the video below:

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