Baby Seals Make the Cutest Little Puppy Noises, And You Need to Hear Them

Everyone knows baby animals are always cute, and baby seals are no exception. You’ve seen the photos, I’m sure. There’s nobody on the planet who’s prepared to say that a baby seal is ugly. But we bet you’ve never actually heard the absolutely adorable sound a baby seal makes, and you need to. Like now.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Seriously, though, how is it that we’ve never heard a baby seal’s cute little puppy-like call? Or, worse yet, have we heard it but then callously forgotten that angelic baby voice? Either scenario seems nearly impossible, and yet, here we are with no other option (unless you’re among the few who have heard and truly appreciated a baby seal’s call and are just coming back for more).

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Well, no matter the reason you’re here, we’ve got you covered. I stumbled across a video montage recently of several baby seals making cute puppy-like and kitten-like and goat-like vocalizations at the camera, and I have never seen or heard anything quite like it, so I’m here to share it with you.

Here’s that video for you:

And, of course, once you’ve watched one adorable video, you’re going to need to seek out some similar content to corroborate your newfound belief in the superior cuteness of baby seals and satiate your desire for more of that preciousness. Don’t worry, I did the leg work for you. Check this one out:

This next baby seal has more of a squeaky shriek of a voice, but it’s big dark gorgeous eyes more than make up for the change in tone. What a sweet, curious little baby!

And this last short video shows off a baby seal whose voice sounds like a cute little croaky roar. He’s such a smol grown-up baby trying to be all big and tough! We love a brave boy!

If you’ve enjoyed these videos, please comment on our post and visit our pages for more cute animal videos and stories! And if you’ve heard some adorable baby animal noises you’d like to share with us, please do!

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