Dad Gives His Baby a Lesson on How to Properly Do Push-Ups

It is common knowledge that exercise, in any form, is a physical activity that provides health benefits. Children in school are engaged in exercises they will enjoy at an early age and participate in indoor and outdoor sports, dancing, or aerobic exercises. Moreover, exercises don’t just teach them to be physically active, it also helps them learn teamwork and socialization and enhances their skills.

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Interestingly, one baby started earlier than the other kids. The Instagram reel went viral on the internet because it was too adorable not to watch. Joshua Terada’s son was learning how to do push-ups at six months old. Baby Abide was cutely observing his dad in the first part of the video. The exchange of looks seemed like the little boy was determined to do push-ups like his dad. He kicked and tried to move his body.

After several cute attempts, Josh cheered his son and guided him more. Abide kicked and pushed his way to successfully perfect the move — he did, and it was one cute mini push-up. The charming little boy should be applauded for the effort. It was the most adorable workout video that people should be watching. Exercising with baby Abide is also good for the heart. For this reason, the father and son were well-received on Instagram. The Instagram reel accumulated 1.8 million views, 534k likes, and over 900 comments.

People in the comment section fell in love with Abide and cheered him on. One Instagram user even wrote, “Lil dude already got biceps.” Besides praises and cheers, other people tagged their loved ones to share the happiness brought by the six-month-old baby who can do push-ups. Adults should learn determination from him. When a workout becomes too hard, always remember that baby Abide did not give up after several tries.

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