Baby Giggles with Joy as She Learns to Play with Her Furry Feline Sisters

Will this baby grow up into an animal behaviorist or a doctor in veterinary medicine in the future?

She seems a natural! You can easily see it from the kind of interaction she was having with her feline sisters, who were likewise enjoying the game she was playing with her toy wand!

Photo: Reddit Video/u;kirbzy

One of the cats easily caught on with the fun, while the other first observed from under a desk. But when this cute baby rolled over and waved the wand toward the other cat, she too started to participate.

According to the baby’s mom, the Original Poster on Reddit’s r/aww with the username u/kirbzy, her eight-month-old baby and their two cats were beginning to develop a close friendship. The cats were cautious of her daughter at first, she told Newsweek, because she tended to grab their fur when she was younger.

What OP did was teach her baby to play with a wand first, which she came to love waving in various directions. Then, when she turned 8 months, she began allowing her daughter and their cats to play from a distance. Slowly, her baby gained the trust of her feline sisters.

Photo: Reddit Video/u;kirbzy

“Since learning to play with them on her own, they have slowly started to warm up to her even when she doesn’t have the rope,” said OP.

According to experts, it’s alright to have babies and cats befriend each other for as long as parents take the necessary precautions. The first consideration is health since cats can transmit infectious diseases, with toxoplasmosis being the most dangerous for pregnant moms and babies. You must always keep your home clean, disinfect, and wash your hands frequently, especially after handling your cat’s litter box.

The second is the ingestion of cat hair. Having cat hair around the house is natural, but you must make sure that your baby is not eating any cat hair.

Photo: Reddit Video/u;kirbzy

Third is getting smothered or suffocated. When your baby sleeps, you must make certain that your cat cannot enter the room. Your pet may want to sleep beside the baby, and that’s what poses the risk. If your baby is sleeping outside the crib or the room, always supervise her so any accidents can be avoided.

Fourth, prevent your cat from feeling jealous of your baby by keeping its routine as much as possible. Respect your cat’s space, as well, and don’t clutter it with baby stuff. Get your pet acquainted with your baby at its own pace so it will feel comfortable and welcome the member of your family wholeheartedly.

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