Students Surprised To See Furry Visitor Peeking Through College Window

No one appreciates a peeping Tom, but students at a college in South Carolina were surprised with one that was really creeping people out!

Students at the college noticed a fuzzy set of eyes peeking through the glass door into the classroom, and needless to say, some people were spooked. Thankfully, the visitor proved to be harmless and actually quite cute. It was none other than a baby Great Horned owl!

Photo: Facebook/Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College in South Carolina shared photos of the owl in a Facebook post, explaining that two staff members at the college, Tom Craven and John Long, ended up rescuing the tiny owl after it’d fallen from its nest.

They explained: “The owlet had fallen out of a nest and ended up at the front door of Bldg. 920. Tom contacted the Center for the Birds of Prey and got the owl ready for transport. John called his wife who was able to drive the little hooter to the center.”

Photo: Facebook/Trident Technical College

The baby owl was perfectly perched in front of the door so he could peep through the window in a spooky manner. Thankfully, he was harmless and ended up getting the help he needed to survive.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, baby Great Horned owls typically stay with their parents until they’re one to two months of age.

Photo: Facebook/Trident Technical College

If an owl leaves the care of its parents too young, it won’t have the resources necessary to survive. Thankfully, this little owl will be cared for by the Center for the Birds of Prey.

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