What Happens When Both Parents Are News Anchors

Two news-anchor parents are going viral for their latest news segment on TikTok: The Baby News Network.

Janette Reyes and Robert Burton both work in the DC area as news anchors.

In fact, Reyes met Burton when she went in for an interview at a news station. The two now both work for Fox5.

Photo: TikTok/@msnewslady

Beyond being news anchors together, Reyes and Burton share a baby together. They went through an emotional journey with IVF before welcoming their daughter, Isabella Sofia Burton, to the world in June.

Now that’s it been over a month since Isabella was born, Reyes and Burton have gotten a taste of parenthood and they’re sharing bits and pieces on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@msnewslady

In one viral video, Reyes shared a segment of their new “Baby News Network” series. Reyes shared the video on TikTok with the caption: “When both of your parents are anchors.”

In the clip, you can see Reyes approaching Isabella with her TV anchor voice in full force. She pretends to cover a news story, saying, “Breaking news: an explosion at the diaper station. Fortunately, no injuries.”

Photo: TikTok/@msnewslady

The camera pans back and forth between Reyes and Burton as they relay news-style about life as new parents with their little culprit, Isabella.

Check out the clip below:


When both of your parents are anchors

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