Man “Unmatched” Woman Once He Discovered What She Planned To Name Their First-Born Child

Now that dating apps have become somewhat of a staple these days, ghosting has become a common thing to do. Usually, the idea of ghosting is bad. But under certain, extreme circumstances, ghosting can be treated as a valid thing to do.

This woman just got ghosted for a ridiculously hilarious reason.

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Honestly, online exchanges should be treated lightheartedly, especially if the interaction is just in its introductory stage. But that’s just my opinion.

Emily Forney, the woman who got ghosted in our story today, shared her admittedly funny experience on Twitter.

Let me just say that this dude is wrong for handling Emily’s humor this way when he was the one who joked about a hypothetical child. I mean, that was his intro message, and Emily just went along with the guy’s ice breaker!

Joke or not though, Emily’s choice for her first-born child maybe isn’t something that she should have been ghosted for. There are some wild names out there already being used (I’m looking at you, Elon Musk), and they might be a problem for whenever the child needs to jot down their names, but, again, it doesn’t warrant a ghosting episode, at least not without learning more about how serious she was.

Good riddance, actually. Megatron is a fun name, and the backstory is funny as well. Her tweet got so many interactions that even Nicki Minaj quote retweeted the tale, telling everybody that it was the guy’s loss, as “Megatron” is a dope name.

One of my fave replies from Emily to one of the comments under her tweet is where she jokingly says that, “There was so much we could have done there. So much we could have been. But alas, he was too scared of that raw power.”

The whole situation is hilarious, and the funny thing out of all this is that Emily expressed that she doesn’t even have any intention to have a firstborn!

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