Baby “Moon” Has Been Found Alive & Returned to Her Frantic Mother!

A sweet little baby donkey not yet weaned from his mother was abducted in mid-May from a farm in England known as Miller’s Ark Animals. The theft of the foal set off a worldwide outcry for the return of the infant to its distressed mother, who had been crying nonstop since the senseless kidnapping.

Now, news has just arrived that Moon has been rescued from her abductors and reunited with her frantic mom after a two-week separation. Two-month-old Moon was snatched from her home at Miller’s Ark on May 15, leaving her owners beside themselves with fear over the little one’s welfare, particularly since she hadn’t even been weaned yet.

baby donkey
Photo: Facebook/Miller’s Ark Animals


According to LADbible, following the theft, her heartbroken owners — whose farm is in Hook, Hampshire — launched an effort to help find the adorable baby donkey. Last night (May 31), her owners were notified that Moon was found safe and well, news that they were tickled pink to receive.

Discovered more than 60 miles away in Buckinghamshire, with the assistance of the Thames Valley Police, Moon’s owners quickly traveled the distance to retrieve the juvenile and reunite it with its mom and the rest of the inhabitants on the farm.

The farm’s owner, Elizabeth Miller, can be seen in a touching video clip cuddling baby Moon as she says, “Look who’s back” and “My baby” to the excited donkey as it swishes its tail back and forth with joy. Ark volunteer Pamela Jessop related that Moon was discovered after a vigilant citizen spotted her at a stable.

baby donkey
Photo: Facebook/Miller’s Ark Animals

Baby Moon Rescued

People across the country and the world were outraged when the news broke about the kidnapping. Not only is it wrong to steal, but Moon needed her mother to survive that early in life and could have easily died without her. In addition to concerns about proper feeding, she would be frightened and confused at the separation, leading to anxiety that would put her stress levels off the charts.

Miller said, “We are beyond ecstatic. We are trying to find the words but are very emotional. We are thrilled that Moon and Mum are back together. It had been over two weeks. You don’t give up hope but you think as the timeframe expands ‘Are we losing our window? Is she OK?’

“But, she was being looked after, and she appears to be in good health.
She was so happy to see us that her tail was swishing.”

Happy Endings

Moon’s theft prompted thousands to share her information in the hopes of getting her back unharmed. It basically set off a nationwide “donkey” hunt that obviously helped facilitate the happy ending we’re all able to celebrate today.

In a Facebook post announcing her safe return, Miller’s Ark noted: “We are beyond thrilled, and Mum and foal are finally back together. Moon appears to be in good health, thank heavens, and we will make sure that Moon and her mum, Astra, get lots of love and care as they rediscover each other.”

Check out the super sweet reunion video below!

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