7-Month-Old Baby Loves Snuggling Up With Her Big Sister

Family bonds are strong, but there is one bond that always seems unshakable: the bond that exists between sisters.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sister. I’ve always wanted one and seeing friends who have sisters, it’s clear that it’s something special.

Photo: TikTok/@iamkrysk

In one adorable video on TikTok, one mom captures the beginnings of a really beautiful bond between sisters.

Mom happens to video her 7-month-old swaddled up with her big sister. The looks that she’s giving her are just so precious.

Photo: TikTok/@iamkrysk

It’s clear that the little baby is going to really look up to her big sis in years to come. These two will undoubtedly be the best of friends.

As Mom writes in the caption of her video, “My heart.” And we can totally see why!

Photo: TikTok/@iamkrysk

There is no denying the sister bond will only grow stronger between these two.

Watch the sweet video down below:


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What do you think of this 7-month-old’s reaction to her big sister? Do you share a bond with your sister? Let us know!

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