An Adorable Video Of This Little Girl Giving Her Kitten Smooches Is Melting Our Hearts

Here we go, folks! Another video that will surely put a smile to your faces and turn any day into a good day with just a few seconds.

The Instagram video is of a little baby girl and a kitten. Deadly combination, I know.

PHOTO: Instagram/ksenia_belanger

It was posted last month, and it has gone super viral. With almost 19 million views, the 5-second video knocked people out with the pure innocence it exuded.

The account that posted the video, ksenia_belanger, is owned by the child’s mother. And Belanger is an amazing mother of three and an equally amazing photographer. She often posts breathtaking photos of her children that you’d think came straight from a fairy tale.

Back to the viral video in question– according to the caption, Belanger is sharing the wholesome interaction between her baby girl and their kitten “to bring more joy to this world ❤️”

Who would deny that generosity? We all need joy in our lives.

“Story behind the video:
They were both looking out the window, when my girl just happened to kiss her kitten”

There are certain impulses that we must simply let win, just like how the adorable little girl just decided to kiss her kitten. And did you see how the kitten looked at the little girl after she smooched the kitten? Smitten, I must say.

Enough suspense – here’s the video. Fair warning though! The following video will give you an uncontrollable urge to squeal.

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