A Hospital Celebrated The Discharge of a 15-Month-Old Baby with a Bubble Parade

Babies are bundles of joy, and they can easily brighten a household with their presence. For this reason, it’s more heartbreaking when they suffer from a health complication. It’s the kind of pain that makes you want to have the sickness for yourself to save the poor child. In most cases, hospitalized infants are there because they were born prematurely. They acquire a complication that often needs medical help. The baby must be confined in the hospital for better observation. Also, some procedures that need to be done in the hospital regarding feeding and sanitation.

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It’ll be a challenging season for the family, especially when it’s not the life they anticipate for their child. Babies are still so young to experience such hardships, and it definitely breaks a parent’s heart. Thankfully, the hospital staff is supportive and assures them during tough times. They accompany parents, eventually making nurses and other staff members part of their family. You’ll be extremely grateful for the support and guidance, which Harriet and Isabela expressed in a feature from Good Morning America.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Alma and Helen are twin sisters born three months premature, hence acquiring a lung complication. The condition made breathing difficult for the twins and required them to be on a ventilator. Moreover, feeding needed to be done with a tube. The twins stayed in the hospital, but Alma was the first one to get discharged. She finally got to breathe without a ventilator, which was good news for her parents. However, Helen needed continuous observation, mainly because her condition demanded a tracheostomy. Throughout the process, hospital staff and nurses guided Harriet and Isabela in attending to baby Helen’s needs.

“We had to learn how to take care of her tracheostomy. So cleaning that area every day and changing out the tracheostomy tube. Taking care of her G-J feeding tube, emergency procedures,” Isabela explained. All the pain went away when Helen finally got to leave the hospital. Everyone rooting for her celebrated her discharge — she’s a fighter, and her life is already a success story. The hospital even organized a mini farewell through a bubble parade. From nurses to therapists, they were blowing bubbles to make baby Helen’s discharge end on a happy note. And just like those bubbles, every pain and heartbreak popped as they left the hospital.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

“It felt very surreal. I think we were really excited and very ready for her to come home. But it was also kind of scary to bring a medically complex kid home from the hospital. Obviously, we really developed this family at the hospitals where she was. So we miss all the people, but very happy to have her home,” Harriet shared. Finally, Helen gets to spend more time with her twin sister, Alma. They have a bright future ahead, especially with loving and caring parents. May their lives be as magical and amusing as a bubble parade. Helen and Alma are already strong warriors — an inspiring story you can watch below.

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