Baby Gorilla Witnessed Her Mother Being Harassed and Quickly Tried to Protect Her

Part of an animal’s daily routine is to ensure that they are safe from any danger. They have to look out for lurking predators and find a safe place to make a home. It’s even more vital when a baby is around — protection should be twice as strict as before. Danger can be anywhere and can even exist within the animal group. That’s why animals are given impeccable maternal instincts to ensure their offspring’s survival. One of the most dedicated mothers in the animal kingdom is gorillas. They instantly become protective after the baby is born. The mother gorilla will do anything to provide its young one with a safe home and full belly. They would always carry their children on their backs — always keeping them close, which is also a form of bond.

Photo: Reddit/Ainsley-Sorsby

Although the mother has to bring security to the baby, family members also ensure her safety. Sometimes a child will even swiftly take action when its mother is being harassed, which was proven by a video shared online. Reddit user Ainsley-Sorsby uploaded the clip with the caption, “Tiny baby gorilla jumps right in the middle of a fight to protect his mom.” At the start of the video, you’ll think that the gorillas were just enjoying another day. However, a few seconds after, you’ll see the male gorilla attacking the adult female for food. He grabs her arms first, then he attempts to snatch the treat she took from the pile.

Photo: Reddit/Ainsley-Sorsby

It is a heart-stopping moment, because the gorilla seems to be badly hurting the mother. When the baby gorilla notices the situation, it quickly tries to come in between the two raging adults. The baby was so brave for giving all of its strength to save its mother from the harassment. As the young one tried to remove the mother from the situation, the male gorilla started to run away. The mother chased him while the baby was clinging to her back. However, the clip ended, and there was no conclusion as to whether the mother and child were completely safe from the angry silverback.

The video was so intriguing that OP accumulated 14.2k upvotes. Netizens also tried to figure out the whole issue. They wanted to solve and know the root cause of the fight between the two adult gorillas. Some people think that it’s territorial behavior and that the male gorilla wanted to gate-keep the treats. There must have been some shortage, which has led to the fight.

“Its not about shortage, I don’t think. If he thinks the hay pile is his, it’s his. Silverbacks have food privileges in the wild too, even though they usually have more than enough for everyone,” OP explained in the comment section. How about you? Why do you think the silverback gorilla was triggered? Share your insights below Ainsley-Sorsby’s Reddit post.

Tiny baby Gorilla jumps right in the middle of a fight to protect his mom
by u/Ainsley-Sorsby in AnimalsBeingBros

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