A Whole New World! Baby Donkey Feels the Fear and Thrill of Discovering What’s Outside His Home

“A whole new world (Don’t you dare close your eyes)
A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath, it gets better)
I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far
I can’t go back to where I used to be (A whole new world) . . .”

You must remember this popular song from the animated Disney movie Aladdin.

This is the experience of this baby donkey named Spanky, who at first was filled with fear of leaving his home and walking into a new world. Just as his human mom described this baby’s hesitation, it was taking him (almost) forever to decide if he wanted to go out and leave the security of the haven he’s known since birth.


It took FOREVER for Spanky to decide to come out but he eventually took the leap and had a blast exploring the world with his Mom. You may wonder why I didn’t just pick him up or nudge him and that’s because I try to let them do things in their own time unless it’s an emergency or vet or farrier. Donkeys need to think things through and if you force them, they become suspicious of you.#spanky #donkeys #donkeysoftiktok #donkeylovers #livingwithdonkeys #donkeytok

♬ original sound – Peace love donkey

What’s out there? Will he be safe? Will he be happy if he takes those brave steps into the vast unknown?

Well, just as it’s said in the essay Self-Reliance, “none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.” Nope, donkeys are not familiar with Ralph Waldo Emerson and other famous sages. But then, it’s part of nature for wisdom and courage to spring even from the heart of ordinary animals.

And so, imitating his mom’s bravery and fulfilling the desire to meet his dad, Spanky finally took those steps.


Replying to @roomerz0 he finally made the leap and joined Mom in the arena. Mom was very protective of her little boy and still is. #spanky #donkeys #donkeysoftiktok #donkeylovers #livingwithdonkeys #donkeytok

♬ original sound – Peace love donkey

It was not as scary as he had thought! Spanky easily found his mom, and she was very proud of her brave boy. She kept on watching lovingly over him as Spanky started to discover what was outside their home.

There was another animal that didn’t look like his mom, which probably meant it was not his dad. It was white with four legs – must be one of their neighbors whom Spanky’s mom has mentioned before when she was talking to him about the farm.

But where’s dad?


Replying to @kathy927_ Spanky’s Daddy is Algebra Louis and his Mommy is Claire. Spank does not come from a broken home and he will remain an only child. His Daddy is a very hard worker and may run for office this upcoming election. They will remain together as a family forever as there are no divorces for donkeys. Thank you for asking. 💕#spanky #algebra #claire #donkeys #donkeysoftiktok #donkeylovers #livingwithdonkeys #donkeytok #donkeyfamily #onlychild #bestparents

♬ We Are Family (Single Version) – Sister Sledge

At last, Spanky met his father, Algebra Louis! Now, he knows where he got his cute looks!

He’s also a great dad who showed Spanky more of this whole new world, where there’s snow, the barn, and trees beyond the fence. His mom and dad have even taken Spanky to concerts, where he learned about music. Then there’s his dad’s excellent and patient coaching for Spanky to become skilled at tug-of-war and wrestling.

Spanky couldn’t be more grateful for having Claire as his mom and Algebra Louis as his dad! And he surely looks forward to meeting more neighbors, wrestling with more friends, and growing up in this exciting, new world!

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