A Father Sent His Baby Daughter Crowd Surfing During A Fan Event To Meet Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Fan events can be tame, some can be wild, and there are even some that you may consider a bit awkward. But hey, whatever the vibe of the event is, getting to meet your celebrity idol is one heck of an experience!

When you hear the word crowd surfing, you’d probably associate that with wild crowds, right? It’s usually something that happens during high-energy concerts such as punk or rock. In this case, a one-of-a-kind crowd surfing happened for The Rock (yes, the person, not the genre).

PHOTO: Unsplash/lifesimply.rocks

This might be iffy for some readers, as I raised my own brows when I first saw this clip, but I’m choosing to see the wholesomeness of the interaction between the crowd surfer, The Rock, and the… owner of the crowd surfer.

The reason why this would be possibly iffy to some is because the “owner” is actually the father of the crowd surfer, who turns out to be a beautiful baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket.

The incident happened in Mexico, during a promotional tour that The Rock was doing for one of his latest projects. The Rock posted a clear video of the moment the baby girl, Luciana, briefly crowd-surfed and then was handed to him, carefully, I must add.

PHOTO: Instagram/therock

The short video already has 40M views on Instagram and almost 19M on TikTok. In his post, The Rock claims that he was NOT surprised to be handed the baby, as the baby’s father already caught his attention before the crowd surfing happened.

“Her father caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes when he held her up high and gestured for me to hold her,” he said. He added that he thought that the father was only holding a toy doll to give to him as a gift.

On both platforms, the comments section is divided. Naturally, there are some who just saw the video as something awesome and wholesome, then there are those who expressed their concern over the safety of the baby.

As one commenter said, “I get it, but that had to be terrifying not to mention dangerous for that baby. That dad has a lot of explaining to do when he gets home.”

Another one said that, as a dad, he would never pass his infant through the hands of strangers, and even bringing a baby along to that kind of an event or environment is unfathomable.

Honestly, it is kind of an anxiety-inducing thing to do to a child that small. But as I’ve said earlier, I’m choosing to see the wholesomeness in all of this. You could see from the video that the baby was unharmed and that the people carrying the baby were all careful. I just hope that the baby got a thorough bath after the event.

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