Why Parents Should Never Name Their Baby “Axel”

There are plenty of names that tend to be popular and they run in cycles. There are also certain names that should never be used.

Somebody posted on Reddit recently to let the entire Internet know that they should never name their children Axel. The reason? It sounds like a bad word.

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When you write it down, Axel may seem like an interesting, perhaps even manly name but when you shout it out in a crowd, it may not quite sound so cool.

The Reddit user wrote that he went to school with a kid named Axel. Another mom kept yelling at him calling him an a**hole. It took him a while before he realized she was yelling, “Axel” and not a profanity.

It may sound fine when you say it in a normal context but when you say it angrily, it’s not going to come out quite as nice.

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According to The Bump, Axel is Icelandic and has the meaning of “father of peace.” It is commonly spelled Axel or Aksel.

In 2022, Axel is the 60th most popular name. Last year, it was 77th.

People commented quickly, saying that his point was valid but it is commonly used in Scandinavia. This is when it is said in an English accent, it does sound differently.

“Axel” sounds cool and edgy on paper
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Another said that they don’t have a problem saying the name Axel with a British accent. It has not been an issue in the few countries they have visited.

There was also one parent who had a 9-year-old named Axel. They said he had speech issues so when he said his own name, it always sounded like a hole.

I guess this one is up for debate, but it is still a popular name.

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