Rescue Near the Frontlines in Ukraine Cares For More Than 100 Dogs, And You Can Help

Stove has been at a rescue for a while, since 2014. At that time, the dog – named because she likes to hang out under the stove – was living in a much different environment. Nine years later, her country is at war with Russia, and she and her fellow rescue animals have a lot more to worry about.

Stove is one of more than 100 dogs at Awaken Your Heart rescue, which has five different locations around Zaporizhzhia, a city on the frontlines in Ukraine. Run by partners Marina and Nina, it’s facing much of the same issues as other rescues in the war-torn country.


With more than 5 million Ukrainians internally displaced and more than 6 million finding safety in neighboring countries, many pets have been left behind. Rescues like Awaken Your Heart have had to help dogs and cats left to their own devices on the streets, and they’re doing what they can to find homes for them amid the chaos.


Volunteers are also doing their part to help where they can, saving animals near the frontlines, feeding street animals, and taking in any pets for which they have the space.


GreaterGood employee Nina Yevtushenko recently visited some of the dogs at Awaken Your Heart and donated much needed pet food. While there, she met Stove, along with Molly, a resilient pup who was found on the streets and treated for enteritis; Nyusha, who was thrown out by a prior owner and was a mere 44 pounds when she was found, but with care, has gotten back up to a healthy 90 pounds; and Lucky, another pooch who suffered from enteritis and was the only survivor out of a litter of six puppies.

Since the war began, Greater Good Charities and The Animal Rescue Site have been working with partners to get pet food to rescues like Awaken Your Heart, and to distribution centers in neighboring countries that help refugees.


With your help, we had distributed nearly 10 million pounds of dry food and 2.2 million meals within just a year of the conflict beginning. In fact, every $10 you donated meant 100 healthy meals for pets.

Your contributions have also helped us donate other necessary supplies to shelters. If you’d like to continue to provide aid to dogs like Stove and Molly, click below!

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