Lesson of the Day: Don’t Be so Quick to Tell Your Neighbor to Mind His Own Business

Do you know that fishing is one of the best hobbies in the world?

Yes, aside from the pleasure it gives you, fishing helps in boosting your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Here are some of the reasons why many people love fishing, even though they do not always end up with a catch!

Photo: Pexels/Tomasz Filipek
  1. Fishing is fun for people of all ages and skill levels. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy fishing. Even kids can take up this hobby, which cultivates precious virtues in individuals, like patience and self-restraint. Fishing also helps in enhancing a person’s problem-solving skills by determining what is the best bait or lure to use, where to cast the fishing line, and the best time to go fishing. It’s fun and adventurous since you’re surrounded by natural scenery and you’re aiming to catch your dream trophy.
  2. Fishing relaxes your mind and fills you with serenity. This hobby helps you escape the din and chaos of everyday life. It relieves tension and stress, filling you with peace of mind. It’s also a great way to rejuvenate both body and spirit.
  3. Get immersed in nature. Nature itself has its own healing power. Surrounded by lovely scenery, your eyes feel refreshed while your lungs get their fill of fresh air. You’re also able to appreciate the beauty of nature again, a connection that’s vital for our mental health. Your sense of wonder also gets reawakened by the miracles of wildlife and everything else that makes our planet unique. What’s more, your palate will have the satisfaction of tasting your own catch.
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  5. Fishing also doesn’t cost a lot. You need only a few pieces of equipment like a reel, a rod, and a tackle box. Then, you just need a few more things such as bait and a fishing license, which is easy to obtain.
  6. Fishing is excellent for bonding time. You can bring family or friends when you go on a fishing trip. None of you needs to be an expert to enjoy yourselves. Appreciate nature’s beauty together, make new discoveries, and do your best to come home with a catch. Go and make your own rules for fun and wonderful memories!

By the way, fishing also gives everyone an opportunity to make new friends! Share stories and fishing techniques with other anglers!

Photo: Pexels/Darcy Lawrey

But, there are other times when a stranger you’re fishing near may not be so friendly, even if you’re trying to be a good “neighbor.” Just like in the case of this Original Poster, who published a sort of frustrating yet funny incident on Reddit’s r/Malicious Compliance.

OP’s username is u/I_Luv_Dubstep, and this is the post: “Fishing at the park right now. Guy next to me walks away, and his pole starts bending over. I didn’t see him, wherever he went, so I go to set his hook for him, and he shows up like a ninja. I missed the fish, and he says ‘BRO! Just mind your business and leave people’s stuff alone!!’ I tell him he’s right and apologize and go back to my pole.”

The guy put his line back in the water with his pole set up on the back of his chair. Then he went off again. Some minutes later, his line clicked, but the guy was nowhere to be seen.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

Whatever it was that took the bait was pulling the guy’s line until it was peeling off the reel.

But since this guy had told him to mind his own business, OP just put on his headphones. Just then, the reel reached the end of the line, and the pole flew off. The guy finally returned and tried to catch his equipment, but it was too late.

What happened next? OP wrote, “He gets my attention, so I take my headphones off, and he yells ‘dude, I know you saw my pole getting hit.’ I ask him ‘where’d it go???;’ ‘In the f-cking water, my St. Croix is gone!!’ I tell him ‘Aww man, that sucks, I was over here just minding my business.'”

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