Celebrate the 18th Birthday of an Autistic Girl Who Touched People’s Hearts from Across the Country

People celebrate life through birthday parties with friends and family. Simple birthday greetings can already complete a person’s day — more so, their presence at the party. Birthdays are about celebrating the fact that you have turned a year older and you’re still here surrounded by the people you deeply cherish in your heart. It’s that one day in a year where you feel extra loved and validated.

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However happy the occasion should be, it is only natural to feel disappointed and sad when your anticipated birthday does not turn out how you expected it to be. Tina Bryan was about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday on a small party boat. It was already arranged for the weekend, but the boat could only accommodate five people. Since there’s a guest limit, Tina canceled the initial plan to celebrate with her family and relatives. The kind-hearted birthday girl did not want anyone to feel left out. Despite canceling the party boat, no one went to her birthday celebration — Tina just had her heart broken.

According to Tina’s mother, her daughter had difficulty dealing with the sadness and disappointment she felt that day. “My heart was broken when I found a note in her room. She ‘no longer wanted to live,’ she stated that she was ‘sick of being a special ed kid because people don’t like being around her.’ Tina fell into a deep depression,” Angel shared.

Tina’s mother couldn’t just stand by and watch her daughter invalidate herself. Her daughter must be healed from the pain — she needed to be excited about birthdays again.

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With a strong love of a mother, Angel reached out to a local news station to request that the community send in birthday cards. Surprisingly, Tina’s story touched the heart of people even from across the country. Since then, she has received numerous greeting cards and gifts from various people. It was an amazing gesture — Tina felt all the love and well wishes, which made her see life differently. She has a lot of love to give, and it’s inspiring to see people expressing their support most genuinely.

Her birthday is celebrated by many people, and even now, they are still sending her birthday cards and gifts.

This year, Tina is turning into a lovely eighteen-year-old on September 18 – her golden birthday! People have been messaging Angel to ask her about Tina and if barbie dolls are still her favorite. Due to the overwhelming number of gifts, the family donated some presents to pay it forward and make other kids happy.

“I’m trying to get it out to the world. Tina has received lots of barbies and does not need any gifts. But she does really enjoy getting cards and letters, so that is great,” Angel explained.

Photo: Facebook/Angel Marie

Tina still loves Barbie dolls and has a lot of them. Her mother shared that she still plays and sleeps with her precious dolls. This year, birthday cards would be highly appreciated — greetings will definitely make Tina smile and enjoy her special day. Moreover, Angel also mentioned a Facebook group page where people can be updated about Tina. Being surrounded by supportive people will play a significant role in healing her from depression. You might want to join the page Our Feelings Matter “Tina Bryan” and be part of Tina’s journey.

The family continuously fights hard with Tina as she overcomes depression. Her excitement and happiness for life must not be overpowered by the negativities she feels. Be a light to a wonderful girl by sending in birthday cards on or near September 18. You can send your greetings and wishes at 2904 Bethany Road, Rustburg, Virginia 24588. Help Tina regain her joyful youth — a simple birthday greeting goes a long way.

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