Spanish Authorities Seek Influencer Who Carved His Initials Into Ancient Fossils And Filmed It For His Followers

An Instagram influencer is being sought out by authorities after filming himself vandalizing ancient fossils for the sake of some likes.

An Italian news site reports that the influencer is allegedly from Bologna, Italy and is a self-proclaimed actor and model.

Photo: Pexels/

While visiting the Canary Islands in Spain, the influencer made the mistake of defacing precious fossils and filming the process. In a video shared on Instagram, the man can be seen carving his initials, “A.D.” into the ancient stone.

According to the Canarian Weekly, the man, who has yet to be named, filmed himself carving his initials into the fossil dunes of the Barranco de Los Enamorados in Fuerteventura, a natural heritage site of Cultural Interest. He posted the video online, where he has more than 38,000 followers, but he didn’t get a positive response.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Many of his followers criticized him for vandalizing the rock site and some even reportedly turned him into the authorities.

According to the Ruetir, the dunes date back to an age between 342 thousand and 215 thousand years and are a place of cultural significance.

Photo: Pexels/Aleksandar Pasaric

It’s unclear if the man will be found by authorities. According to Ruetir, the man removed the video in question from social media and (at least temporarily) private his Instagram account.

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