Stray Dog Called Dangerous And Unadoptable Turns Into A Gentle Giant

A stray dog destined for euthanization was given a second chance at life and he proved all reports wrong!

According to a video shared by the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Augustus was found tied up in someone’s backyard.

Photo: YouTube/Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

No one is sure what his life was like before being dumped in the yard, but based on his behavior, he had a rough time.

When Augustus first arrived at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, he was incredibly reactive. In fact, Nancy Haynes, the director of behavior and enrichment at the rescue, shared that when she got his report from animal control, it indicated that he was dangerous and shouldn’t be put up for adoption.

Photo: YouTube/Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Sadly, many dogs are misjudged by quick reports and it results in their euthanization before they even have a chance to decompress. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for Augustus. Haynes recognized his potential to safely be around people and she committed to working with him.

It took a little time and effort, but Haynes eventually got through to Augustus and he really opened up and came out of his shell. After Augustus gained some confidence and opened up, he was placed for adoption and the Friedman family took notice of him.

Photo: YouTube/Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

The two parents and two boys decided to move forward with adopting the dog and welcomed him fully into their homes and lives. Augustus, who was deemed by animal control unfit to be adopted, is now living his best life in a family with kids! He turned out to be a gentle giant.

Sometimes, it just takes a little determination and love to save a life. You can see more of Augustus’ story in the video below:

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