Reddit Asks, “What’s Something You Once Strongly Believed, And Now Don’t Believe It At All?”

If there’s one thing I strongly believe in, it’s that change is truly constant.

Change is scary, that too is undeniable, but I don’t believe that people would be able to evolve or thrive if they don’t acknowledge or welcome changes in their lives.

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A change doesn’t have to be anything obvious. Whether it’s your state of mind, your philosophical beliefs, even a minute change in mood once you get a whiff of coffee in the morning is what I consider a change.

But what about significant changes?

One user asked Reddit, “What’s something you once strongly believed, and now don’t believe at all?”

Oh, I do love going to this subreddit. Reading answers to questions like these gives me lots of perspective. It’s kinda like you’re people watching, but virtually. It’s honestly fun.

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Here are some answers that I would like to share with you all!

Bad Karma

There are people who strongly believe that karma would punish bad people. I once believed that statement. I still do, don’t get me wrong, but I mostly just focus on my own karma, and do not think about how other people’s karma might affect them.

Just do what I think is right, and don’t treat others badly. Right? Think about it this way: if you believe that karma would eventually catch up to people, isn’t that just like wishing bad luck on another person?

Nice People

As someone who grew up with a religious grandma and was constantly in the middle of community events, I got exposed to people who are constantly smiling and putting their best foot forward.

I thought about it, and maybe this is why I used to think that all people are good people. Genuinely nice without a catch? Call me jaded, but that’s a potential red flag these days.

Adulting 101

Hah! Maybe we’re all going to agree with this answer. Those of you who used to believe that all adults have their life figured out, stand up!

Every kid probably believes this still. Remember the adult(s) you used to admire back in your childhood, or even when you were in your young adult years? Yeah, they’re all probably just going with the flow as we all do, struggling with their own problems as any humans do.

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Food Pyramid

Enough with the deep stuff! One thing people used to believe, and kids are still being taught this, is the food pyramid.

While it’s still essential to get good nutrients, no one actually follows the number of servings for each food group found in the food pyramid. Nowadays, people even eat takeout thrice a day, and it’s considered normal.


Maybe this one is more for the older people reading this. Wrestling used to be top entertainment for kids back in the day. The Rock, Batista, and John Cena didn’t star in movies back then, and we had no clue that they could act.

But we were wrong. It turns out that those sick moves on the wrestling scene were all just acting. (But the wrestling moves my brother used to practice on me were not.)

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If you’d like to read more answers to this question, check out the original post below!

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