Reddit Asks, “What Is A Telltale Sign That Someone Is A Selfish Person?”

What makes a person selfish?

Is a greedy person automatically a selfish person as well?

A selfish individual is focused on meeting their own needs and wants before others’. It doesn’t matter who they hurt or if they’re being insensitive, what they want is what they should get.

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If you don’t know a person well, you wouldn’t be able to tell if they’re selfish or not… Or can you?

Reddit asks, “What is a telltale sign that someone is a selfish person?”

Oh the drama!

According to Redditors, one sure sign of a selfish person is that everything that happens to them can be a cause for drama or if they’re unable to move on from any minor inconvenience that comes their way.

“It’s insane the level of mental gymnastics people go through to assign blame to anything and everything but themselves when they could literally just be accountable and say they’ll try to do better.”

Is this a monologue or a conversation?

Oh! This is actually one I’m super conscious about when I’m talking to someone. At what point is it acceptable to share your own stories without sounding self-centered? Why is showing empathy so hard sometimes?

So one sign of a selfish person is if a conversation doesn’t feel like one when you’re talking to them.

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“They are one-sided talks about what they want, their thoughts, their life, their priorities, etc.”

Then when and if you ever get a word in, they’ll just use that as a transition for another one of their monologues, Redditors said.

Your tragedy is MY tragedy too!

Have you ever spoken with someone that turns every bad thing that you’ve experienced into their own personal problem? That’s one of the signs, according to Redditors.

Here’s an example: Imagine you’re going through something tragic and are unable to handle anything social. We’ve all been there, you know? The need to go offline and just focus on healing. And then here comes the selfish person who’d go complaining to your friend group about how you’re ignoring them and how they feel ‘neglected’ because you weren’t able to answer a call or two.

Favors are only for me!

Give and take, people! Obviously, selfish people like to take things instead of giving, so this also applies to granting and receiving favors.

Redditors said, “They gladly take any favors you do for them, but when asked if they could reciprocate once, they get defensive and or aggressive and act like you’re the selfish one for daring to expect something in return.”

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Again, any relationship is a two-way street. Don’t abuse kind people and don’t be selfish.

If you want to read more telltale signs of a selfish person, read the comments on the original post below!

What is a tell tale sign that someone is a selfish person?
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