Reddit Asks, “What Is One Thing You’re 100% Sure You’re Never Gonna Do In Life?”

I’m sure you’ve crossed this random thought once in your life, to think about what your plans are or the things you definitely don’t plan on doing.

Reddit asks, “What is one thing you’re 100% sure you’re never gonna do in life?”

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But since we’re talking about Reddit here, most answers aren’t all that serious. We all need a dose of humor nowadays, anyway.

So what’s the top answer on this Reddit post?

“Give my money to Logan Paul,” answered user What_Is_Wrong_Mate.

One of the more controversial internet personalities on the internet, Logan Paul, may no longer be as active on Youtube, but his tainted reputation shows no signs of disappearing.

Along with this top answer, other Redditors have replied that they would never give money to or buy products from any content creator. Period.

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The next answer would come naturally to anyone who’s afraid of confined spaces or to the general public, honestly. Because anyone who would dare do this, in my opinion at least, can only be the bravest and most fearless person ever.

Cave diving is something Redditor Minimum-Ingenuity-46 is 100% sure they would never do.

Or, as another Redditor who’s been a caver for 30 years replied, cave diving is often referred to as cave dying. Just picturing the entrance of a cave already gets me claustrophobic – imagine the layers of being underwater, already lacking natural light, and then going cave diving with only a limited amount of oxygen, light, and even movement.

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Lastly, please forgive me in advance for including this very interesting answer that Redditor Igot1forya shared.

They said they will never ever:

  1. Give you up.
  2. Let you down
  3. Run around.
  4. Desert you.

Happy belated April Fools’ Day, everyone!

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What is one thing you’re 100% sure you’re never gonna do in life?
by u/djdhfjdjfj in AskReddit

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