Reddit Asks, “What Was Discontinued, But You Miss Like Hell And You Wish Came Back?”

Have you ever had a fave snack that you never failed to put in your cart when you went shopping? How about those rare treats you got when you were still a child, and just thinking of them makes you crave them?

For me, it’s probably the Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug. Pouring down that powdered bubble gum and waiting for it to become a chunk inside your mouth…I still have an empty container hidden somewhere in our storage along with cans of Ouch! gums, I’m sure.

Woah. Accessing that memory now is kinda trippy. I feel like I can taste it still. And yes, I guess I loved my gums when I was a kid.

Unfortunately, those gums have been discontinued already. Woe is me, I guess. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses discontinued products every now and then.

Reddit asks, “What was discontinued but you miss like hell and you wish came back?”

This list isn’t just exclusive to food products, by the way. Get ready for some nostalgia or maybe even a bit of sadness for a past that seems to be too good to be true nowadays. Here are some of the top comments in the post!

Fast Food Prices

Remember when fast food was affordable? In the past few years, prices have gone up even in the fast food industry, where dollar menus used to be a thing (or are they still a thing?) and now even if there are still dollar menus, the food wouldn’t even be able to ease your hunger.

I just found this really old McDonald’s menu at home, probably from the mid 80’s. The pricing is in RM although marked with $ sign.
byu/WinstonMY inmalaysia

“I remember when hamburgers at Mcdonald’s were 39 cents (I think it was Tuesdays) and Cheeseburgers were 49 cents.

“We were treated on those days and felt we ate like kings. It wasn’t until later I realized those ‘treat days’ were specific because my parents were broke.”

Housing Market

Ah! A millennial’s problem nowadays… Older people are notorious on the internet for berating the young’uns for not buying their own house.

The thing is, they simply can’t afford it. And the housing problem isn’t just a millennial problem!

“In my state, the low-income housing has a waiting list of upwards of EIGHT TO TEN YEARS.”

“For real. My dad was a painter, owned 2 cars, single source of income, owned a house, raised 4 kids and has a wife, that is IMPOSSIBLE to do today on a painter’s pay,” another person replied.


Bet you didn’t expect this kind of answer. But, yes, apparently the optimism of the 90s is something some people miss.

PHOTO: Unsplash/dominik hofbauer

Maybe this is a direct result of people doom-scrolling whenever they’re bored? That’s something we certainly didn’t do much of in the 90s.

byu/Seraphicly329 from discussion

Physical Media

Yet another victim of digitalization. From music and movies to video games. Almost everything can be downloaded or streamed instead, and CDs have become obsolete now.

Did you get to experience having a thick CD case full of your favorite music or movies or have that tall stack of CD cases beside your Playstation?

Cleaning out my desk to move. Found my old CD case.
byu/jchray innostalgia

byu/Seraphicly329 from discussion

What else would you want to have a comeback? Read the original post below.

What was discontinued, but you miss like hell and you wish came back?
byu/Seraphicly329 inAskReddit

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