Reddit Asks, “What Do You Think Of Parents That Kick Their Kids Out As Soon As They’ve Turned 18?”

One thing that always baffles me since the moment I was made aware of the fact is that some parents kick their children out the moment they come of legal age.

Growing up in a close-knit family where group vacations and annual outings were a thing, it’s hard to think about moving away or getting kicked out of your home. Mind you, the family outings not only consisted of immediate family members but also our grandmother, all her children, and all her grandchildren.

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It wasn’t until I and my cousins were around our mid-20s and became busy with work that some weren’t able to join the vacations. Although not everyone lived in their respective family home, some still came home during the weekends to spend time with their family.

Apparently, kicking children out is mainly a “Western thing,” and it’s become some sort of tradition for some, yet none of the reasons I’ve read for kicking out one’s child is positive.

So Reddit asks, “What do you think of the parents that kick their kids out as soon as they have turned 18 years old?”

One flatly said that his parents didn’t want kids and added, “I believe that many past generations had children more out of obligation than out of a genuine desire to be parents for the rest of their lives.”

Another Redditor shared that he got kicked out because he wasn’t able to pay the $500/month his mom demanded when he was still in high school at the time. He said, “There were many other things involved, but if you are a dick to your kids, they will be a dick to you when they are adults. Rightfully so.”

And seemingly acting as proof of the last comment, another Redditor said that they were one of those kids that got kicked out when they turned 18, and they said that they haven’t spoken to their “parents” (yes, they put it in quotes) in over 10 years and also have no intentions of ever speaking to them in the future either.

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“Brother was out before 18, and I was out at 18, and my dad didn’t even have a funeral… Should tell you about all you need to know about parents who kick their kids out asap,” another Redditor said.

It’s really just sad reading about all of these personal experiences.

On the brighter side of things, it seems like people have gotten rid of this “tradition” of kicking out their children as soon as they turn 18.

Lots of Redditors under the original post have declared that they will break the cycle and not do this to their own kids.

“If you are a parent and you want a relationship with your kids, they need to know they are safe with you and that they have a place in your home,” a Redditor said.

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I think that comment is the perfect way to end this. I don’t have much else to say to parents who’d choose to abandon their child at the drop of a hat. Your responsibilities do not end once your child turns 18. Being 18 doesn’t mean that they automatically gain the knowledge and capabilities of a proper adult.

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What do you think of the parents that kick their kids out as soon as they have turned 18 years old?
by u/zeg685 in AskReddit

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