Reddit Asks, “What Is The Dumbest Controversy Of The Last 10 Years?”

Controversies have been around throughout history.

We’ve had historical controversies that had a global impact, some even making it to school textbooks in hopes of educating children about certain issues. Still, since they’re controversial, most people shy away from discussing them.

Then there are controversies that are just, for lack of a better term, dumb.

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Controversies are oftentimes linked to conspiracies, and that just makes them all the more sensationalized, especially now, on the internet, where anybody could spread a tidbit of information or misinformation in hopes of going viral.

Reddit asks, “What is the dumbest controversy of the last 10 years?”

Flat Earth

Speaking of conspiracies, one of the top comments in the post said that they thought that people were just arguing that the Earth is flat just for the sake of memes. That is, until they met an actual flat-earther. This comment got more upvotes than the post itself, which kinda proves the point that this is a controversial topic.

“My dad had a coworker like that (flat earther). They were both experienced engineers, dude had quality education, it was bizarre he’d believe something like that, and not only that he kept bothering my father to watch videos about it and discuss it during work hours.”

M&M And Their ‘Sexy’ Spokescandy

The famous chocolate ‘spokescandies’ having a controversy was not on my bingo card. Ever.

Apparently, the green M&M changed her shoes at one point, opting to change her iconic white boots to much simpler white sneakers. They said the redesign was meant to change people’s focus on their personalities rather than their candy genders. All it did was cause an internet frenzy.

And of course, there’s a conspiracy tied to this controversy. People believe that this was a marketing move made to redirect people’s attention from M&M’s other alleged issues (heavy metals in their chocolate and child slavery, some commenters said).

Vaccines And Anti-Vaxxers

Ah. The pandemic truly led to a plethora of controversies.

There were many controversies about where and when the virus started, how the world was supposed to be treated, all the safety measures that sparked so much outrage among many people, and the new vaccines that were met with trepidation – the list goes on.

But this answer doesn’t just point out Covid vaccines. There have always been anti-vaxxers, even before the term was coined, but spreading fear and misinformation grew as social media became popular. Unfortunately, this sort of ‘propaganda’ has influenced others to believe that vaccines are dangerous and unhealthy.

“It used to be normal to lose at least some of your kids to childhood illnesses, and vaccines changed all that. It’s one of the best things science has ever done for humanity.

“Now we have people that won’t get shots for themselves or their kids, and measles outbreaks are getting more common.”

Starbucks And Their Red Cup

PHOTO: Pixabay/xxolaxx

Another company, another controversy.

This happened around 8 years ago. Do you still remember what happened then?

Perhaps this was when minimalism was the trend, and Starbucks only wanted in on it. They decided to change up their holiday cups to just plain red ones, and people said that the lack of any design was a “War on Christmas”…


Oh, yes. This list wouldn’t be complete if THE dress wasn’t included.

You all know it. You’ve all had a debate over it.

Is it blue? Is it gold?

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What is the dumbest controversy of the last 10 years?
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