4-Year-Old Deemed A Hero For Saving His Mom’s Life When She Went Into Septic Shock

If it weren’t for four-year-old Asher Milless’ heroic efforts, his mom would not be alive today to share her story.

Rachel Milless, of Big Lake, Minnesota, was home with her kids, aged four, two, and one, when she began having a coughing attack.

Milless has asthma and uses a nebulizer, and she also had the flu, which exacerbated her symptoms.

It got harder and harder to breathe, and she says at one point she didn’t think she was breathing at all.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Milless went to get her nebulizer, but collapsed to the floor before she could get to it.

That’s when four-year-old Asher jumped in to save her.

“He just instinctively brought [the nebulizer] over and plugged it in and hooked it up and put all the meds in it,” Milless told ABC News. “He held it to my face and said, ‘Just breathe, mom,’ and was practicing with me.”

Asher then grabbed his mom’s phone and told Siri to ‘call daddy’, who was in another state for work.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Asher was never shown how to use a nebulizer or make a phone call but managed to do both of these things on his own when it mattered most.

Asher’s prompt to Siri made the phone call his grandfather, who alerted family members nearby and called 911.

In the meantime, Asher’s dad, Tyler, a state trooper, called Asher and stayed on the phone with him until paramedics arrived. He then explained to Asher how to unlock the front door so that the medical staff would be able to get inside to help his mom.

Not only did Asher help his mom, but he also cared for his little brothers during this scary ordeal. He moved them to a different room and gave them snacks and toys to distract them from what was happening to their mom.

Paramedics finally arrived and diagnosed her with septic shock from complications due to the flu.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

She was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated and thankfully ended up making a full recovery.

Doctors told her that her son saved her life.

“They said if I would have waited any longer I would have been very sick and I wouldn’t be alive today,” she told ABC News. “So I owe it all to this little guy, who is my guardian angel. Without him, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office was so impressed by Asher’s heroic actions that they awarded him with their ‘Life Saving Award.’

Hear more of this incredible story in the video below:

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