Woman Thinks She’s Giving Birth Alone While Her Husband’s Deployed, Then He Walks Thru Door

Cara Rahming thought she would have to give birth to her son without her husband by her side while he was deployed in Iraq since June, but she received the surprise of a lifetime when she saw him walk through her hospital room door.

Her husband, U.S. Army captain and physician Harold Leroy Rahming, had been deployed in Iraq with the U.S. Army National Guard, and had been planning for weeks to surprise his wife by coming home sooner than he was supposed to so that he could be there for the birth of their first child via cesarean section.

Thankfully, with the help of family, friends, and his wife’s care team at Advocate Christ Medical Center, he was able to pull it off, and surprised her the day before their son’s birth.

He waited until his wife took a bathroom break before sneaking into the room. When Cara walked out of the restroom, she was confused as to why so many nurses were standing there filming her.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“Then I see him to the left in his full military uniform. And there’s like no words to express that,” Cara told People. “Because I didn’t know he was coming home. I just knew I was in the hospital, I was being induced and there was a baby coming soon. And there was a lot of emotions to process, but I know the definite emotion I felt once I saw him was joy.”

The following day, the couple happily welcome their new addition, Harold Leroy Rahming II, who is thankfully healthy and doing great!

Watch the heartwarming surprise in the video below:

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