On the Way to Their Weekend Game, Arizona Cardinals Help Transport Emergency Kits for Pets

Pets in the Atlanta area will have more resources in an emergency, thanks in part to a football team from the other side of the country.

Over the weekend, the Arizona Cardinals took a transport of FIDO bags to emergency crews in Atlanta. The kits, which come from Arizona-based nonprofit The Fetch Foundation, contain items needed by pets who are rescued during an emergency. That includes a special oxygen mask.

According to a report from the Arizona Cardinals, The Fetch Foundation had received a request for FIDO bags from first responders in the Atlanta area. The organization said they could send 40 out. However, due to the high cost of shipping that many, they had another possible idea in mind: Having their local NFL team take the kits over, because they had an upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons.

To try to make that happen, The Fetch Foundation’s founder, Marie Peck, put some feelers out on Facebook to see if anyone worked with the Cardinals. While no one in her immediate circle did, the team was tagged a few times and ultimately reached out.

Lisa Manning, the team’s senior vice president of marketing, called Peck to say they’d be more than happy to take the FIDO bags to Atlanta, so they could be distributed to area firehouses.

In a Facebook update at the time, Peck’s partner Kim Sasso posted, “UPDATE: CARDINALS CAME THROUGH WITH FLYING COLORS!!! Bag will be delivered this Sat Via our own ARIZONA CARDINALS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all that posted and shared.”

The team says that after the plane arrived in Georgia, the bags were picked up on the tarmac by Gwinnett Fire & Emergency Services. They’ll be distributed to fire stations throughout the area.

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