Are You a Pig Person? You Might Be Surprised

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of having an animal in your home? There tend to be cat people and dog people, and there are some who cross the line between those two areas.

If you are interested in having a different type of animal, however, you may just want to consider having a pig. That being said, it takes a special type of person to raise this type of animal, so do you have what it takes?

Photos: YouTube / CBS Sunday Morning

Veronique Peterson is more than familiar with having pigs in the home. She has raised many different animals, including dogs and cats, fish, a tortoise, and yes, pigs.

A Pet Pig Expert

Nobody is probably more qualified to talk to you about having a pet pig than this woman, so it’s interesting to listen to her talk as she sits and speaks with correspondent Martha Teichner.

First of all, she wants you to know that pigs are not for everyone. It takes a while for them to warm up to you and some people get tired of the wait.

She explains it very simply. Pigs tend to be preyed upon by other animals, so it takes a while before they learn how to trust you.

Photos: YouTube / CBS Sunday Morning

If you are willing to wait four to five weeks until they put that trust in you, however, you are going to have a friend for life. Pigs are not only friendly, but they are also sensitive, and they bond strongly with their owners.

In fact, she spoke about some pigs that have reportedly bonded so strongly that they died of heartbreak when they no longer had their human with them. This is incredibly sad, and it really just highlights how important it is to take the responsibility of owning a pig seriously.

Another thing that she wants you to know is that pigs are very headstrong. She says her pigs will try everything to get into a cupboard, especially if it has food in it.

Pigs Are Like a 3-Year-Old Child

Even if the cupboard is locked, they will continue to work on it until eventually, it falls off the hinges.

The same is also true if you have a piece of candy in your purse. Make sure you don’t leave it hanging low, or the pig is going to destroy your purse to get to the candy.

It seems as if she doesn’t paint a pretty picture of pig ownership, but in the end, she really can’t say enough about it.

So, are you a pig person? You may just have the pet of a lifetime.

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