Archivist Thought He Found Old WWII Footage But What He Really Found Was Even Sweeter

An archivist was recently thrilled when he thought he discovered some long-lost World War II footage, but after processing the film, it turned out to be something else entirely!

Professor and archivist Gregory Schnakenberg (@GSchnakenberg) was hard at work when he stumbled upon an old box with a silent film inside.

Photo: Flickr/Bev Sykes License: CC BY 2.0

Gregory took to Twitter to explain what happened. He said, “While working in our archives, I found an old metal box. Inside was a long-forgotten roll of silent 8mm film marked ‘The Philippines 1942.'”

Naturally, he was quite excited at what the footage might contain. Could it be lost World War II footage?

Photo: Twitter/GSchnakenberg

He said, “Excited at possibly discovering lost WW II footage, I sent it to specialists for care and digitization. Yesterday, it came back.”

As it turns out, it wasn’t lost World War II footage, but it did contain something that’s possibly even sweeter: puppies!

The footage showed a litter of chunky puppies running around and rolling in the grass. It’s so cute to watch!

Photo: Twitter/GSchnakenberg

It’s certainly no World War II footage of military significance, but there’s something to be said for the joy that a puppy brings.

It’s nice to know that even back in 1942 amidst all the turmoil of the world, there was someone out there who got to enjoy sitting back and filming some puppies playing.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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