How To Use Desert Sand To Transform Mud Puddle Into Drinking Water

There are certain things that we take advantage of and we often take them for granted, especially in developed areas of the world. One of those is access to clean drinking water.

There are many areas in the world where it is difficult to find suitable drinking water and this not only leaves people thirsty, it sometimes leaves them sick as well.

Photo: Reddit/u/itsmodahoe

Leave it up to human ingenuity, however, to find a way to filter water in the midst of one of the driest areas of the planet. You can see them doing it in the video below that was shared to Reddit, and it is simple in its design.

The design doesn’t use any type of fancy filtering system or something that was designed by a human, it is available in nature and anybody can use it. Quite simply, they are using sand from the Arabian desert to take dirty water and turn it into filtered water.

Photo: Reddit/u/itsmodahoe

They begin scooping the water out of the small hole that was dug and putting it near the edge. As the water flows through the sand and back into the hole again, it continues to get more and more clear.

At first, you can only see the clear water around the edges but after they continue to work on it for a while, eventually the entire hole is filled with water that is crystal clear.

Photo: Reddit/u/itsmodahoe

Although it is not possible to guarantee through this video that the water is drinkable, it certainly does look a lot more refreshing than the muddy water that was first put into the hole. It’s amazing that at times, some of the exact things that we need our right under our noses.

Check out the video below:

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