GoPro Shows The Realities Of Aquatic Life Under A Cruise Ship

When most people go on a cruise ship, they’re likely enjoying the blue skies and sunny life on deck. Between on-ship entertainment, delicious food options, and pools, relaxation and enjoyment are the name of the game.

However, if you pay attention to the world around you off the cruise ship, you’ll realize there’s so much going on!

Photo: YouTube/Odysseas Froilan

Odysseas Froilan shared a video on YouTube of what happens when you drop a GoPro under a cruise ship and the aquatic world down under is incredible!

In the video, you can see the bottom of the ship along with schools of fish swimming about. There’s so much life right under the surface!

Photo: YouTube/Odysseas Froilan
Photo: YouTube/Odysseas Froilan

As the video progresses, you can see a large chain on the floor of the sea that’s covered in sand and swarmed with fish.

At the end of the video, it starts to get dark and we assume it’s nighttime. While not many fish are visible in the dark, there’s one that stands out: a shark!

Photo: YouTube/Odysseas Froilan

Cruise goers probably don’t want to picture large sharks hanging out under the boat, but it’s just more motivation to stay onboard and enjoy the ride!

Check out the incredible video below:

How neat is that?

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