Young Girl Accurately Refers To The Aquarium As A “Water Zoo”

A young girl referred to an aquarium as a “water zoo” and people can’t get over how accurate it is.

Dedrick Flynn (@deddyfatstacks) hopped on TikTok to share how his niece renamed the aquarium.

In the video, he said, “My niece just called an aquarium a water zoo. Now I have a lot to think about…Cause she’s not wrong. She’s more than right.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Little kids can accurately name anything,” he added.

People in the comments were quick to agree that kids are great at renaming just about anything with accurate descriptions.

Photo: TikTok/@deddyfatstacks

“4-year-old calls ketchup the ‘sugar salsa,’ one user wrote. “My son calls cupcakes ‘party muffins,’ another added.

The comments went on to share some of the creative nicknames their kids had used for various things, including calling tears “panic water,” the color gray “light black,” a graveyard a “people garden,” and an airport a “plane station.”

Photo: flickr/cheriejoyful

Kids really say the darndest things and some of what they say is pretty spot-on!

Check out the video below:

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If you want to enjoy more of what kids have renamed things, check out the comments on the TikTok video. Thousands of people shared their experiences in the comments and we can’t get enough of them!

Do you know a child that’s renamed something with accuracy? Let us know!

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