Rescue Parrot Repeatedly Says The Word “Glass” In Adorable Viral Video

I’ve never understood why people use the term “bird brain” as an insult. Birds are actually quite smart, especially parrots.

One particularly intelligent and talkative African Gray Parrot named Apollo is winning over fans online with his chatter.

Photo: Instagram/@apolloandfrens

Apollo, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, knows many words. In fact, in one of the videos, he gets to show off his chatting skills when he repeats the word “glass” while his owners, Tori and Dalton, presented him with different items made of glass.

The couple introduced Apollo as being like their kid. They spend lots of time trying to teach him all the words he knows.

Photo: Instagram/@apolloandfrens

In fact, on social media, the couple stated, “Follow us as we raise Apollo, our African Grey, like he’s our own child. He receives a preschool-level homeschooling education from his human parents, Dalton and Tori.”

While Apollo might be living his best life with the couple now, he didn’t always have it easy. In fact, before he came into the care of Tori and Dalton, he was surrendered by his previous family.

Photo: Instagram/@apolloandfrens

According to his Instagram account, when Apollo was eight months old, he was surrendered to a pet store. From there, Apollo was adopted by the couple, who adore him. As they’ve stated, he’s their feathered baby. And by the looks of it, Apollo’s luck really turned around when his humans took him in.

Watch the video down below:

You can see more of Apollo on Instagram, @apolloandfrens.

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