An Anti-Aging Pill is in the Works for Dogs! Could it Eventually Help Us?

One of the hardest parts of pet ownership is knowing that our fur babies will not live nearly as long as us. Each time we are faced with the loss of a beloved pet, it edges us a little bit closer to saying that we cannot take on another cuddle bug that we will have to say goodbye to before we’re ready.

Losing animals can be just as hard for many people as losing a person because they truly are like our family. But that may be changing as scientists investigate a drug for longevity in dogs!

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Loyal for Dogs

A San Francisco-based biotech company called Loyal is in the process of developing a canine anti-aging pill — at least that’s their intention. But their goal of “Giving our best friends more time” could eventually lead to our having more time as well — or at least spending what we have in a healthier state. After all, if they can figure out how to lengthen our pets’ time here on Earth or the overall quality of it, then why not our own?

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Anti-Aging Studies

Getting their start in 2019, Loyal is said to have roughly $60 million in backing and already has two clinical trials going on for canines in the hope that they’ll live longer. Their efforts are part of a growing world of research aimed at tackling the delicate yet thorny issue of aging. Everyone has their own views on the subject, but gaining a few decades might not be such a bad thing if they’re spent in good physical and mental health.

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Life’s Precious Moments

Due to their shorter lifespans, dogs are easier to study. But it’s not only that. Canines also incur similar age-related illnesses as their humans at approximately the same time. Celine Halioua, Loyal’s founder, told the San Francisco Chronicle, “A drug to help dogs be healthier longer isn’t one-to-one to help people, but could teach us about how to help humans age better.”

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Gaining Quality Time

The anti-aging trials have been divided into two groups that include one for large dogs and another for smaller pups. The trials are focused on decelerating the onset of dementia and kidney failure and altering cellular processes that reduce the lifespans of large breeds. If successful, they might eventually be able to create a drug to advance dogs’ resistance to disease and ultimately slow down aging in the process. We’d welcome anything that gave us more quality time with our pets. How about you?

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