5 Animals That Would Provide Us Wisdom If They Could Talk

Humans can already know if an animal is smart, even though they don’t talk. Years of observation have led to countless discoveries of how much animals are mentally, emotionally, and physically intelligent. Although built differently, animals can learn and hone their skills. Sometimes, even without training, those talents show because they are naturally given to them. Animals are already amazing as they are, but what more if they could speak?

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Talking animals have been portrayed in films and shows. Most of them are deemed bright and have a deep understanding of life. Imagining a world where such things are true is an interesting thought. Animals have been on the planet for years and some of them are old enough to carry so much wisdom. They might have excellent advice for humanity and exceptional views about societal issues. Since a lot of people are curious about the matter, it’s inevitable to open the topic on social media platforms. An engaging discussion was created below a Redditor’s post in AskReddit.

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“Assuming that all animals could suddenly understand and communicate with humans, what species do you think would be the most surprising or enlightening to talk to?” rgb145 wrote. Redditors commented fascinating answers, and a few of them are listed below.

Sea Turtles

With age comes wisdom; sea turtles might have overflowing intelligence due to their life span. The marine animal is said to have a life expectancy of 50 to a hundred years old. Sea turtles could live up to a century, which means they experience the world while it’s progressing. GladWolverine0 commented, “Sea turtles, imagine having a chat with a 140 year old sea turtle.” To which SelfDerecatingTumor replied, “Sea Turtles are a great answer. An elder one could tell the story of the changes in the ocean over time, help highlight some of the things we need to change.” They have a better overview of the world, and their knowledge about society is valid and not biased.

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With their ability to fly, birds might have seen everything, which helps them gain knowledge about many things. Some are incredibly intelligent and skillful, such as a crow. They are self-aware, can use tools, and even devise new ones. On top of that, crows are innovative creatures that come in handy with inventions and new approaches to solving problems. Since they have different perspectives about matters, you may even ask them about a personal problem. The answer to your dilemma can be given by a crow. They might point out something you’ve missed, and there lies the solution.

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A lot of people want to know what goes on inside a feline’s head. They have facial expressions that are difficult to read, but surely cats look like they have something brilliant to say. It’s difficult to determine their thoughts; many people are curious about what it’s like to communicate with them. One of them is black_brook, a Redditor who answered, “Definitely cats. There are so many situations where I just can’t imagine what’s going through their heads and would kill to find out.” Felines also carry numerous human encounter stories with them. Through those stories, people will know their thoughts about humanity — cats may even advise on how to be a better society.


The industrious insects will certainly share tips and tricks about productivity. Ants will enlighten humans on the importance of a system, primarily how it helped their colony to thrive. A conversation with them can provide suggestions to stay motivated at work and finally lessen procrastination. “Ants. They are so efficient and capable of doing complex tasks with each other. We struggle to drive around without getting into accidents,” annonamoss answered. They can certainly teach society many things, especially regarding teamwork, order, and understanding protocols. Ants will motivate you to do better and excel in your career.

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MysticDelusion responded, “Whales just seem like they’d have a lot of wisdom.” To which santaclaws_ replied with, “Any of the larger whales. Their view of life must be radically different.” The cetaceans are known for being impressive communicators with fascinating emotional and social intelligence. A conversation with a whale could be about anything, and they would most probably answer all your questions. They’re already majestic creatures, and talking to them would be breathtaking. Imagine a deep voice giving you life advice or sharing stories from their experience. Every word they say will be remarkable, and their wisdom will be noteworthy.

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Navigating life can be pretty challenging, and sometimes you need a council to guide you. Intelligent animals could be the perfect council members because they could recommend efficient and enlightening ideas. If only they could talk, the world might have more knowledge to learn and apply in life. Aside from the animals listed above, other answers can also catch your attention. Join the engaging discussion and bring some friends that have been curious about an animal’s wisdom. The comment section is still open for your ideas!

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