Man Snaps Photo Of Himself Lounging On A Chair And It Looks Like His Leg Has Been Amputated

Optical illusions are a lot of fun. They give us something to look at and puzzle over, and sometimes we come across an optical illusion that was created entirely by accident!

Such was the case when Reddit user u/JustBrowsingActually posted a photo in the subreddit Confusing Perspectives. He captioned the post: “didn’t know my leg had been amputated.”

Photo: Unsplash/Paul Hanaoka

Hundreds of people commented on the photo, trying to figure it out. At first glance, it really does look like his leg is amputated, but it’s really not.

A lot of people agreed it took them a while to figure out the illusion.

See for yourself in the photo below:

One Reddit user finally gave it away. They said, “Still took me a while. Ignore the shadow and just praise the placement of the folded t-shirt once you get it.”

See what they mean in the photo below:

Photo: Reddit/u/JustBrowsingActually

How long did it take you to see his full leg? Were you stumped at first, or did you get it right away? Let us know!

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