Americans Enjoy Being in the Kitchen than in Any Other Place at Home, Says Survey

Home sweet home.

And believe it or not, for the majority of Americans, the coziest place at home is the kitchen. Not the living room or garden. It is in the kitchen where many families, relatives, and friends spend a lot of time bonding together.

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The survey was carried out by OnePoll for Bosch Home Appliances, with 2,000 participants from all walks of life. Many of them lived with their parents and siblings, along with other relatives, particularly grandparents, back in their childhood days.

According to the respondents, they currently spend an average of 67 minutes in their kitchens every day. Recalling the time when they were growing up, 77% said their family used to cook together at least once a week, while 31 percent related that it was a daily fun-filled activity for them.

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Among their fondest memories were:

  • Listening to stories from their parents and/or grandparents while preparing food (38%)
  • Watching TV or movies with their loved ones (37%)
  • Dining at home with their family (37%)
  • Learning how to cook or use recipes with a relative (36%)
  • Playing games with loved ones (34%)
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  • Going out to eat with family (33%)
  • Cooking with their family (33%)
  • Shopping for food with their family (31%)
  • Kitchen clean-up (29%)

Many of these activities are connected to the kitchen, making this place the very heart of a home.

Photo: YouTube/Zenger

Moreover, most of the respondents are proud to say that they are responsible for preparing meals for their families but always with support from their partners. Four in 10 reveal that 5 or more recipes that they cook are traditional dishes, which their parents or grandparents were happy to pass on. Seventy-two percent further say that their families’ top chefs can easily compete with professional cooks and celebrity chefs.

Lastly, these people are greatly pleased to cook dishes that are part of their cultural heritage with many of them showing keen interest in learning various local and international cuisines.

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