Amazon Driver Has Intense Face-To-Face Stand-Off With Customer’s Dog

For years, we have talked about the fact that many delivery drivers have difficulties with dogs. This was often limited to mailmen, but now the Amazon driver has a similar difficulty.

Nobody knows this better than Justin Stone Naumann, who not only delivers Amazon packages but also posts videos about his daily activities on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@justinnaumann94

Recently, a post involved going to a customer’s house when the dog did not seem all too happy about it.

He used the caption: “Thought [I] was a goner.” You can then hear him talking in the video, asking his audience if he was a good boy.

Photo: TikTok/@justinnaumann94

The dog was wagging his tail but it was difficult to know if he was happy about the driver approaching or not. He continued to ask the dog to be a good boy, but then he let the dog know that he was just there to deliver a package.

He shouted out to the dog: “Are we good? Are we good?”

Photo: TikTok/@justinnaumann94

It was a tense moment because it was difficult to tell if the dog was happy about him being there or not. He just stood there looking at Naumann and not giving any indication.

Finally, as the driver got close enough, the dog showed himself to be a friendly greeter after all. This was much to the relief of Naumann, who said: “You’re a good boy, oh my god, thank god.”

Check out the video below:

@justinnaumann94 Thought i was a goner #fyp ♬ original sound – Justin Ston Naumann

This video has millions of views and people had a lot of opinions on the subject. One thing is certain, however, you have to watch both your back and your front when you are delivering packages.

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