Sweet Rescue Pig Asks To Be Tucked In Bed With Blankets Every Night

A sweet rescue pig living at the Little Woods Animal Sanctuary in Central Michigan loves being tucked in at night with cozy blankets.

Little Althea the piglet had a rough start to life, but thanks to rescuers at the sanctuary, she was given a second chance to not only survive but thrive.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

In an interview with The Dodo, the sanctuary’s co-founder, Ryan, said that when they got Althea, she was “basically lifeless.”

The tiny piglet saved her own life by jumping from a transport truck heading to a slaughterhouse. A passerby saw the tiny pig running the highway and stopped to help. Thankfully, Ryan from Little Woods Sanctuary was called and drove a few hours to pick her up.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

As soon as Ryan saw Althea, he knew he couldn’t let her go anywhere out of his sight and decided to welcome her as an official member of the sanctuary family.

She was incredibly weak at first, but Ryan and the other co-founder of the sanctuary, Molly, were determined to save her and offer her the kind of life all pigs deserve.

While Althea was lethargic and timid at first, it wasn’t long before her firey personality started to shine, as the rescue shared on Facebook.

Molly shared with The Dodo that Althea is very “particular” about her routines. “She sleeps with probably a dozen blankets,” Molly said.

Not only does Althea love to be cozy, but she likes it when her owners tuck her in at night! Pigs are often stereotyped as being messy and stinky, but once you meet Althea, you may be thinking twice about that.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Althea and her life by following the Little Woods Animal Sanctuary on Instagram or TikTok.

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