Alpacas and Llamas Enjoy Feast Of Christmas Tress Thanks To Unique Recycling Program

After the holiday season, people who have real Christmas trees are left to deal with the waste. While some areas offer free Christmas tree removal, others are left to haul their trees to the dump or find another solution to get rid of them.

With rising concerns about global warming, people have begun to think harder of ways to recycle Christmas trees so they don’t end up in landfills.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Maltesedog License: CC BY-SA 3.0

In Cornwall, England, a non-profit created a creative recycling program that would allow people to donate their Christmas trees to help feed alpacas and llamas!

The non-profit, Chy Lowen Alpacas Tregaswith in Cornwall, England, posted the idea on Facebook saying:

“If you wish to dispose of your REAL only please, Christmas tree in an eco friendly way, don’t forget our alpacas and llamas love to munch on them.”

A few days later, the non-profit revealed they’d received several trees for their animals to munch on!

They posted on Facebook to say thank you to everyone who had dropped of trees.

Days later, even more trees had been arrived! The recycling program seemed to be a massive success and they had to close donations.

The non-profit took to Facebook to announce their success, saying, “Once again thank you to all that donated their Christmas tree, I did a quick visit this morning to see for myself and dropped a couple oranges to Wally as the pony gang obviously cannot partake in the tree treats. We are unable to accept any more trees this year but do keep us in mind for next year.”

Check out the adorable photos below:

You can see some of the animals munching on the trees in the video below:

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