Alpaca Who Once Lived in Solitude Finally Found a Friend in Gene the Goat

Animals who are used to living with companions or partners tend to get lonely when left alone. It’s truly dangerous for their health to live in solitude for a long time. Those animals can get sick, or worse, they could die. If transferring homes or farms is needed to give them company, then it must be done. Thankfully, an alpaca who lived in solitude found his new home with even more friends.

Photo: Unsplash/Jaddy Liu

Foreverland Farm is an animal sanctuary managed by Brittany. She has provided a safe shelter for animals in need, and one of them is an alpaca named Gazpacho. According to Brittany, she heard about the lonely alpaca from a woman with a farm inheritance. The herd animal was the only alpaca on that farm, which was not good for him. After learning about Gazpacho’s case, Brittany took him in without hesitation.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Typically, they like to live with other alpacas. We have a herd of goats and sheep. They’re all kind of little misfits, so I was like, maybe he’ll fit in with them,” Brittany explained. “He met the rest of the herd, and he’s just fit right in, like right away.” Gazpacho is a lovable creature, and he gained some new friends. He will never be lonely again, especially on a farm where he met Gene, the goat.

“Our little goat Gene and Gazpacho became really good friends for some reason. It was the oddest pairing,” Brittany lovingly shared. The two buddies would do almost everything together and go eat hay together and stroll around the farm. All the loneliness Gazpacho felt before coming to the farm immediately vanished. He is a friendly alpaca, although he was pretty shy during his first few days at the farm. Brittany shared that their relationship is still in the works. Gazpacho might still be figuring out what role Brittany will play in his life aside from providing him with food.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Although shy, the alpaca is comfortable being near a human. Brittany continues to see Gazpacho’s different sides. She gets to know him daily — one fun fact is that he’s scared of pigs. Gazpacho might not yet be used to other farm animals, but he’ll surely get there. Foreverland Farm currently has 90 animals under its care. Brittany has put a lot of hard work into maintaining a home for their beloved animals.

You can get involved with the shelter by following them on Instagram.

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