Alligator and Man Had a Close Interaction That Left Netizens Shocked and Concerned

People must understand that accessible habitats in the wild should be visited with caution. Although the animals are calm and quiet, it doesn’t indicate that it’s safe to approach them. Curiosity is only natural, but you can control your response. It may be tempting to get close, but prioritize your safety first. Also, a sudden approach can stress the animal, and it’ll think that you’re a threat. Wild animals are majestic, but admiring them from afar should be enough. Unless you’re a professional or a rescue member, they are off-limits — feeding and touching with your hand might be a decision you’ll regret.

Photo: Instagram/onlyinflorida

That’s what netizens pointed out in a video shared by Only in Florida on Instagram. A man and his companion were seen enjoying a moment in a creek with an alligator close to them. The guy was feeding the reptile with his hand. It does sound scary, but the alligator seemed friendly and loved the free bread. You’ll be shocked by how normal it looked — as if the man and alligator were long-time friends. He wasn’t terrified while petting the wild animal. No one flinched or was harmed during the interaction. You might even find the scenario cute until the realization hits you — feeding and petting them with your hands comes with consequences.

Photo: Instagram/onlyinflorida

Although it was incredible, the comment section was filled with mixed reactions. The majority of the opinions you’ll see are against close interaction. Most importantly, feeding wildlife, including alligators, is illegal in Florida. The purpose of prohibiting such actions is not to desensitize alligators from humans. If they lose their fear of humans, they might be wired to approach without thinking, which could harm either party. Alligators might get accustomed to the idea that humans always bring food for them. The wild animals might end up attacking a person due to the confusion.

“They’re setting other people up to lose their lives. They associate us with food and are no longer scared. One cool experience for you could mean someone else’s death when they attack someone else looking for food,” thyme4.tea commented. Many people weren’t happy with the interaction and reminded others to avoid such carelessness. There’s a reason why a law about this matter exists — citizens should be responsible enough to oblige. Indeed, it’s a generous act, but it comes with risks. The best thing humans can do is to leave them alone and help in other ways. Feed your curiosity and love for wildlife with caution — consider the consequences that can affect the whole community.

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